Building a Home for Respect: Panel 1: Meeting the Pressing Requirements for the Use of Sports in Recovery & Rehabilitation

Oct 02, 2023
5 Min read

The IGF Conversation is designed to promote the sharing of best practice on a range of relevant subjects within the Invictus community through a combination of either online webinars and/or in person symposia. This iteration of the IGF Conversation will be entitled ‘The Invictus Community: Enabling a Home for Respect’ and draws on the central theme of IG2023 of emphasising the common ground between the military and their respective societies and how they can both support and learn from each other.

The event was moderated by well-known German TV sports commentator and presenter Franziska Schenk who has been working for the German TV Channels ARD and MDR since her retirement from professional speed skating.

Panel 1: Sharing Best Practice within the Home of the Invictus Community - Meeting the Pressing Requirements for the Use of Sports in Recovery & Rehabilitation:

  • Introducing nations who are experiencing new and changing needs in their recovery and rehabilitation.
  • This session will bring together nations to learn of their changing requirements to the use of sport in aiding recovery and rehabilitation and how the Invictus community might be able to assist, particularly in Ukraine.
  • Colonel Andrii Kikh, Head of Military Medical Clinical Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (MMCTRC) in Kyiv, Ukraine will outline the potential vision and approach for future rehabilitation in Ukraine, including through the use of sport.
  • Dr Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, German politician of the FDP and member of the Bundestag will also join this panel and shed light on her own experiences from serving as chair of the Defence Committee since 2021.
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