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The power of sport

Power of sport

Sport is an incredibly powerful tool for recovery for those who have been wounded, injured or fallen ill during or as a consequence of service. Physical activity has a number of benefits for both physical and mental health, and engaging in sports, esports and adventurous challenge can help to rebuild strength, endurance, and confidence. In addition, the social support and camaraderie that can be found in a sports team can be especially beneficial for those who have experienced trauma or isolation, and the structure and goal-oriented nature of sports can provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment for those on their recovery journey.

Approaching recovery

How we facilitate and create opportunities to recover

The Invictus Games are but a stepping stone on the recovery journey for our community. Our holistic approach is to create an international community, with repeated opportunities for participation in sport or adventurous challenge, supported by research and webinars. This is designed to help our community overcome the impact of trauma, through sports. Alongside this, we recognise the vital role of friends and family within this recovery pathway, and ensure that wherever possible, the loved ones that have stood beside those injured or ill, are recognised, supported, and thanked.

What we offer Beyond the Games Research


Reconnecting Family

Working with others Case Study: Veterans Places, Pathways and People. Thanks to the AFCFT, we are supporting like minded charities across the South West.

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Armed Forces Community Support Hub - Devon

Brighter Futures for Veterans Programme

The hub exists in Devon to help veterans, reservists, service leavers and families. More available at

Fighting with Pride

Brighter Futures for Veterans Programme

Fighting with Pride supports the health and wellbeing of LGBT Veterans, service personnel and their families. More available at


Brighter Futures for Veterans Programme

Using land-based opportunities to help service leavers, reservists and veterans to access new opportunities post-transition. More available at

Mission Motorsport

Brighter Future for Veterans Programme

The forces' motorsport charity aids in the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations by providing opportunities through motorsport and the automotive industry. More available at

OnCourse Foundation

Brighter Futures for Veterans Programme

Supporting the recovery of injured and sick service personnel and veterans through golf events and employment in the golf industry. More available at

The Armed Forces Equine Charity

Brighter Futures for Veterans Programme

Using the power of horses to inspire recovery, promote learning and provide opportunities for recreation, regardless of age or ability. More available at

Turn to Starboard

Brighter Future for Veterans Programme

Using sail training to support Armed Forces personnel affected by military operations, alongside NHS workers and the emergency services. More available at

Walking with the Wounded - HeadStart Programme

Brighter Future for Veterans Programme

HeadStart provides 1-2-1 private therapy for ex-service personnel with severe mental health difficulties. More available at

Woodland Warrior Project

Brighter Future for Veterans Programme

The Woodland Warrior Project provides therapeutic activities for armed forces personnel, veterans and members of the emergency services. More available at


Ensuring inclusivity

The Invictus Games is different to other sporting competitions in terms of its Unique Aims. The Games are not about high performance sport or winning medals. Games are focused on using sport as tool for competitor recovery and rehabilitation, and we purposefully use the terms ‘competitors’ (rather than athletes); and ‘categories’ (not classifications). All competitors are eligible to participate in the Invictus Games regardless of their impairment type - this includes competitors traditionally excluded from para-sport, and each nations selects, trains and manages their team differently and has varying degrees of experience with adaptive sport.

The Categorisation process, run by the Invictus Games Foundation with thanks to 22 international volunteers, uses a more subjective approach to enable wider participation, and differs from IPC sport classes in number, format, naming and inclusivity, such as including psychological injuries and chronic health conditions. The aim of the IGF Categorisation process is to ensure that a robust and fair categorisation process is implemented, in keeping with the ‘Spirit of the Games’, ensuring individuals are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged by their impairment(s) and that a consistent approach is adopted across all the nations, maintaining the integrity of the competition and in the interests of fair play.

The system used is ‘functional’ – this means that the main factors that determine category are not diagnosis and medical evaluation, but how much the functional impairment of a person impacts upon sports performance, thus different categories are allocated to each competitor for each individual sport. The categorisation system relies on the integrity and honesty of competitors, and all team staff.

Find out more about some of the organisations we work with

The Invictus Games Foundation works alongside partners and organisations to deliver our shared aims in promoting sport recovery, inclusivity and respect for those who served.



We are a founding partner of WeThe15 - sport’s biggest ever human rights movement to end discrimination. We aim to transform the lives of the world’s 1.2 billion persons with disabilities who represent 15% of the global population.

Launching at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, WeThe15 plans to initiate change over the next decade by bringing together the biggest coalition ever of international organisations from the world of sport, human rights, policy, communications, business, arts and entertainment.

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

"Everybody at the Invictus Games Foundation is honoured to join the WeThe15 campaign and believe in its mission to inspire meaningful change in communities around the world."


Implement a range of activities targeting governments, businesses and the public over the next decade to drive social inclusion for persons with disabilities and ensure greater awareness, visibility, and representation of persons with disabilities


Put persons with disabilities at the heart of the diversity and inclusion agenda and break down societal and systemic barriers that are preventing persons with disabilities from fulfilling their potential and being active members of society

6.2 billion

people reached by the coverage of the WeThe15 Launch


landmarks around the world turned purple on the launch date


Awareness of the #WeThe15 campaign within the general population

VPPP Project

Woodland Warrior Project

The Woodland Warrior Programme provides therapeutic activities for armed forces personnel, veterans and members of the emergency services. It provides participants with the opportunity to recuperate, recalibrate and re-engage. Set within a woodland environment, activities are centered around bushcraft and the natural world.

LS - Veteran Royal Marine

"After a lifetime of service, I saw an opportunity to explore further contact with veterans in a different environment from reunions. On each occasion I have felt comfortable in sharing life experiences."


Support veterans and family members with access to the natural environment


Examples include foraging, tracking, making fire and shelters, archery, wild cooking, natural history, woodland management, woodcrafts and wilderness living skills.


To help participants relax, learn new skills, build self-reliance, esteem, strengthen social bonding, and move forward.


One day workshops for Emergency Services and Armed Forces community members


Two day residentials for Emergency Services and Armed Forces community members

VPPP Project

Fighting with Pride

Fighting With Pride supports the health and wellbeing of LGBT+Veterans, service personnel and their families – in particular those most impacted by the ban on LGBT+ personnel serving in the Armed Forces prior to January 2000.

Participant in Fighting with Pride activity

"I have genuinely found a new hobby in archery! I was delighted in my 79th year to have a go at all these activities. The sense of adventure we share as veterans still exist in ageing."


Connections to LGBT+ veterans in the last 12 months


Guided referrals to services offered by partner organisations

Getting Together

"Having been isolated from others in the same situation, getting together really is deeply helpful and healing”

Ban Lifted

12/01/2000 saw the ban lifted on LGBT+ service personnel in the UK


Launched January 2020

Unconquered Together

Invictus Australia

Out of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018, Invictus Australia was born as a legacy for continued sport recovery provision Down Under. From grassroots to international level, whether playing, coaching, volunteering or officiating, Invictus Australia believes in the power of sport to assist in recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of our servicemen and women. This is done through partnerships with sporting bodies, ex-service organisations, governments, business and the community.

Michael Hartung, Chief Executive Officer of Invictus Australia

It is due to the success of Invictus Games Sydney 2018 and the hard work since to implement an effective and ongoing legacy that the Invictus Games Foundation has chosen Australia to pioneer the next frontier of the Invictus movement.


Ambassadors: Hamish Blake, Gwen Cherne, Matt Formston, Curtis Mcgrath OAM, Erin Molan, Stephen Moore AM, James 'Jimmy' Spithill, & Meg Ward.


of those transitioning out of the Australian Defence Force each year do so for medical reasons.


Veteran Engagement team members


from the Invictus Games Sydney 2018


Veterans in Australia

Our community

Find support in our community

Enduring friendships are forged during competition and we actively encourage those bonds. We Are Invictus, our community platform which is free to access for international wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans, is a close, secure, tight-knit online community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small charity with 12 staff members responsible for supporting the delivery of the Invictus Games as the governing body as well as delivering year round sport recovery opportunities beyond the Games.

Half of our team are former military personnel, and a third of the team are members of the wounded, injured and sick veteran community having competed in past Invictus Games.

While we always appreciate support of our everyday running costs, which helps unlock our capacity to deliver greater impact for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women around the world, we also welcome support of specific areas of our work.

Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the different projects that could benefit from your generous support directly.

Yes and in a number of ways! Supporting the Invictus Games Foundation is a great way to motivate and bring together employees and colleagues for an inspiring and worthwhile cause. It can also be a way to raise awareness with customers and the public of your company’s charitable objectives and achievements. Employees can take part in variety of fundraising activities that boost workforce engagement while transforming the lives of wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women, including opportunities to take part in sport recovery opportunities alongside the wounded, injured and sick community.

In addition, companies can become commercial partners and sponsors of aspects of our work. Contact us for more. We look forward to discussing how we can help create and support you with your fundraising and business objectives.

For American supporters wishing to donate in the most tax efficient way, you can choose to support our work through the ‘Invictus Games Foundation Fund’ – a donor advised fund administered on behalf of the Invictus Games Foundation by CAF America.

Gifts made here are 100% tax deductible in the US. To make a donation visit our CAF America online donation page here or email for more information. The Invictus Games Foundation is proud to be recognised as a CAF International validated organisation.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us