The Invictus Games Foundation is Honoured as the Featured Theme of Sports Podge 2024

May 18, 2024
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The Invictus Games Foundation was delighted to be the featured theme of the 2024 Sports Podge event at the Kia Oval last week.

Sports Podge is a networking event that brings together the brightest minds in the UK sporting field to foster greater relationships, inspire industry leaders and champion a charitable cause.

The cause of the Invictus Games Foundation was selected as this year’s theme to coincide with the Foundation celebrating its tenth anniversary since the inaugural Invictus Games of London 2014.

The Invictus spirit was celebrated by the 300 individuals in attendance as Invictus Games alumni, JJ Chalmers, Josh Boggi and Mickaela Richards were given the stage to speak to the power of the Invictus movement.

JJ Chalmers and Mickaela Richards were members of Team UK at London 2014 and are continuing their recovery journey by now working with the Invictus Games Foundation. JJ sits on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, while Mickaela leads the Beyond the Games Programme as the Grants & Programme Director.

Josh Boggi was severely injured on two separate occasions before competing at the inaugural Invictus Games and now works as the Invictus Community Liaison Manager for the Foundation.

“I just want to thank everyone in attendance for listening to our stories of recovery.”

“Our stories are not unique, they are the story of every competitor at the Invictus Games and of every wounded service member around the world,” Josh said to the crowd in attendance.

Mickaela Richards took the stage at 16:07, May 10, 2024, which marks the exact time and date that she was injured in a car accident 13 years ago.

“My life changed completely and what I thought my life was going to be, changed in an instant. I needed a programme like the Invictus Games to get me back on my feet and show me that my life could continue after injury,” Mickaela said.

I needed a programme like the Invictus Games to get me back on my feet and show me that my life could continue after injury."

Mickaela Richards

Grants & Programmes Director, Invictus Games Foundation

JJ, who now works as a presenter on the BBC spoke to the aid needed for the international injured or ill service community.

“We belong to a very exclusive club, and nobody wants to be a member of that club. Many wounded service members around the world suffer in silence and initiatives like the Invictus Games are life changing,” he said.

The demand for the services of the Invictus Games Foundation is growing and for every one place available in our programmes, we receive ten applications.

“Recovery for people like us, it's never over, it never ends, we are in recovery, we are not recovered,” JJ said, as he thanked the crowd for listening to their stories and urged anyone who can help to reach out and support the Invictus Games Foundation.

About Sports Podge

Sports Podge is a prestigious annual event that brings together a unique blend of sports professionals, enthusiasts, and industry leaders to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and achievement. Established with the vision of fostering connections across the diverse world of sports, Sports Podge has become a hallmark gathering that transcends traditional awards ceremonies and networking events.

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You can support the work of the Invictus Games Foundation by becoming an Invictus Sentinel, a Guardian of the Invictus Spirit here.

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