The IGF Conversation: Improving Lives Beyond The Games

Jul 14, 2023
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Beyond The Games

For this iteration, on July 19th 14.00 - 15.30 BST, the IGF Conversation will focus on the activities in sport and adventurous challenge on offer Beyond the Invictus Games. In focusing on improving lives beyond the Games, the event will consider the development and growth of the community and its ever changing needs, sharing of best practice within the WIS community - specifically WIS Peer Support networks; involvement within the We Are Invictus community; and exploring the benefits of taking part in Invictus Endeavours.

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The Conversation will be chaired by former competitor Jaco Van Gass, and see below for a look at the speakers and topics:

Panel 1: Development and growth of Beyond the Games

The first theme will focus on the growth and development of the WIS community through the lens of the IGF’s Beyond the Games programme.

Dominic Reid, CEO of the Invictus Games Foundation (IGF), will reflect on the development of the Improve pillar and the growth of Beyond the Games activities offered.

He will be joined by former Invictus Games competitors, Josh Boggi and Angelo Anderson who work at the Invictus Games Foundation as the Invictus Community Liaison Executive and Invictus Endeavours Administrator respectively. They will share their very different recovery journeys and views on meeting the needs of the ever evolving and growing community that the IGF serves.

In addition, Mickaela Richards, Grants & Programmes Director will explore the We Are Invictus platform including its functionality, criteria to access the platform and the scope of the opportunities available.

Panel 2: Empowering the We Are Invictus community

This panel will focus on the We Are Invictus platform and how it brings wounded, injured and sick (WIS) service personnel and veteran community together globally through our online peer to peer network and its opportunities.

Robert ‘Tiny’ Graham, a former Invictus Games Team New Zealand competitor, will delve into the We Are Invictus moderator programme and how it is empowering the WIS community to play an active role in shaping the online platform and its offerings through Beyond the Games activities.

Gaby Ion, Team Manager of Romania, will give his insight into the process of engaging with the Invictus Games Foundation to provide opportunities in Romania for WIS both domestically and internationally.

Jon Connolly, We Are Invictus community member will discuss how virtual activity has played an active role in his recovery journey and the benefit of having his Friends & Family involved in activities offered through the We Are Invictus community.

Iryna Rubtsova will share her story of engaging with sporting opportunities provided through the Invictus Games Foundation with her late husband Oleksii Rubstova and her participation in this year’s London Marathon.

Panel 3: Invictus Endeavours, Adventures and a look ahead

The final theme will consider the many facets of an Invictus Endeavour. We will explore the planning and proposal process, the benefits from a WIS viewpoint as well as from an external organisation viewpoint and the positive social impact.

Fiona Cranswick, Invictus Endeavours programme manager, will provide insight into Invictus Adventures and the granting process

Scott Darroch, a former Invictus Games Team U.K competitor will discuss his participation in the upcoming Wild West Endeavour and the power of social connections made through the international WIS community. In particular he will focus on coming back in to the fold after a period of no contact with IGF and the troubles he encountered in that time.

Nick Kershaw, Impact Marathon, will provide insight in to planning socially responsible experiences with a particular focus on why the pro-social element of an Endeavour so important, his involvement in coordinating his first Invictus Endeavour as well as sharing his first-hand experiences of outdoor adventure aiding personal recovery.

To join us on the 19th July, get your free ticket to attend, available here.

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