The Invictus Games Foundation Releases The Short Film - The Summit Within

May 16, 2024
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Beyond The Games

The Invictus Games Foundation is proud to present The Summit Within, a newly released short film that details the healing and transformative power of adventurous challenge that takes place on an Invictus Adventure.

Last summer, the Invictus Games Foundation, as part of our Beyond the Games Programme, funded an Invictus Adventure, which was a multi-day trek in Colorado for a group of wounded, injured or sick (WIS) service members to summit a 4000m peak in the Rocky Mountains and traverse the Great Sand Dunes National Park, the tallest sand dunes in North America.

The Invictus Games Foundation funded 10 WIS participants from across the globe to tackle this adventurous challenge but the primary goal of the trip was to heal and help those service members on their recovery journey.

That transformative healing process was captured by filmmaker Roo Smith for the short film – The Summit Within.

The Summit Within chronicles both the physical and emotional journey that is undertaken on an Invictus Adventures through the stories of participants Kate, Mattia, Michiel and more.

“This Invictus Adventure was definitely a game changer for me,” Mattia Dal Pastro said, a member of the Italian WIS community, who lost the use of his left arm after an accident in 2017.

“This adventure allowed me to heal but also allowed me to connect and help others who struggled with PTSD. My mate really opened himself up to me and by coming together on this incredible experience, we were able to take those healing steps together.

“I always say that the biggest limit is your mind, and you can go to a dark place when you’re on your recovery journey, but you can deal with it by helping others and connecting with others, like we did in Colorado thanks to the Invictus Games Foundation," Mattia said.

“I always say that the biggest limit is your mind, and you can go to a dark place when you’re on your recovery journey, but you can deal with it by helping others and connecting with others, like we did in Colorado thanks to the Invictus Games Foundation."

Mattia Dal Pastro

Moderator and Member of the We Are Invictus Community

The Summit Within was produced by Blackmane Media and supported by Level Peaks.

“I’m proud to support the work of The Invictus Games Foundation. It was inspiring to see the transformative impact of this expedition of the lives of the participants.” - Levison Wood

“As the CEO of Level Peaks, I can honestly say we are all truly humbled by all of you who undertook, and those who organised, this Invictus Adventure. You’re an inspiring group of people and thank you for giving us the chance to support great people doing great things.” - Chris Willis

Mickaela Richards, Grants & Programmes Director at the Invictus Games Foundation is excited for viewers of the short film, as they can get a glimpse into the “very personal and emotional experience” the participants have on an Invictus Adventure.

“The recovery journey is never over, it is a lifelong process for members of the WIS community and I hope that someone will watch this film and reach out for help and if they do, the Invictus Games Foundation and Invictus community that we have built over the last 10 years, will be there to support them,” Mickaela said.

The Summit Within is available to stream through the official Invictus Games Foundation YouTube Channel and the streaming platform Waterbear.

About We Are Invictus

If you are a member of the international service community and have fallen ill or injured during or as a direct consequence of your service, you can join the We Are Invictus platform.

The We Are Invictus platform is a bespoke and closed platform that allows members of the international WIS community access to our Beyond the Games programme.

The platform is open to all members of the international WIS community, not just those who compete at the Invictus Games and can be accessed here.

About Invictus Adventures

Invictus Adventures are a part of the Beyond the Games activities of the Invictus Games Foundation. Invictus Adventures are a multi-day activity and is part of our grant giving programme to support the ambitions of international wounded, injured and sick (WIS) armed forces personnel, serving or veteran to undertake adventurous challenges in their recovery, or establish regular access to sporting recovery opportunities.

If you would like to support future Invictus Adventures, you can do so here: https://invictusgamesfoundatio...;

From Blackmane Media

This Invictus Adventure was led by the experienced team from Dunes Experiences, including world-renowned explorer Levison Wood, a dedicated supporter of the Invictus Games Foundation, the expedition saw participants conquering rugged terrain and summit a 4000m+ peak in the Rocky Mountains. They then crossed the Great Sand Dunes National Park which has the tallest sand dune in North America and a network of wilderness trails.

Dunes Experiences is honoured to have spearheaded this Invictus Adventure, recognising the importance of supporting veterans and promoting their well-being beyond military service. This extraordinary adventure aimed to inspire personal growth and create a lasting positive impact on their lives.


A Blackmane Media film

Director Roo Smith

Producer Evangeline Modell

Executive Producers Levison Wood, Dave Luke

Expedition Participants

Kate Page

Michiel van Achthoven

Mattia Dal Pastro

Victoria Wales

David ‘Scotty’ Darroch

Robert Dolson

Lavinia Goddard

Isabelle Dauvert

Mark Vause-Jones

Peter Wilson

Expedition Leaders

Curt Howell - Narrow Ridge Outdoors

Max Clark

Dave Luke

Levison Wood

Chris Mahoney

Editor Roo Smith

Presented by The Invictus Games Foundation

With thanks to

Paul Saunders

Sam Newell

Fiona Cranswick

Supported by

Level Peaks

With thanks to

Chris Willis

Murray McMahon

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