Team Unconquered at the Invictus Games

Team Unconquered was created to allow nations of all sizes the chance to compete in teams sports at the Invictus Games. The first Unconquered team was created at Toronto 2017 from Romanian, Ukrainian, Danish and American competitors and the concept has remained a staple of the Invictus Games ever since.

This is what Invictus is about, this is about the teams coming together as one nation to be 'unconquered'. This is the Invictus journey.

Darren Williams Coach - Team Ukraine

Team UNC

  • Competed at 3 Games
  • Created at Toronto 2017

We’re a model of international cooperation; it’s completely within the spirit of the Invictus Games. It was the most special and important moment of the last several years of my life, to be playing with all these guys from different countries

Eric Larsen

Toronto 2017 Competitor


The Importance of Team Unconquered

Unconquered Gallery

Pushing the boundaries

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It's about trusting each other, becoming united, supporting and standing together.

Ihor Bezkaravainyi The Hague 2020 Competitor