Team Colombia at the Invictus Games

The Military Forces of Colombia have approximately 290,000 members across three service branches. Colombia joined the Invictus Community of Nations in 2022 and became the first South American country to join the Invictus movement. They will make their debut at Düsseldorf 2023.

We are proud to work alongside the Invictus Games Foundation to further support our military community.

Iván Duque Márquez Former President of Colombia

Team COL

  • Joined in 2022
  • Debut at Düsseldorf 2023

People who suffer an injury should not think that they are left aside, that they are alone or that their disability is not going to allow them to carry out any activity but rather it is an opportunity to search and see how to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

Daniel Urbina

Colombian WIS


Colombia Welcomed to Invictus Community of Nations

Colombian Competitors


Team Colombia

Francisco Pedraza Osorio

Francisco Pedraza Osorio was injured in combat while serving with the National Army of Colombia on a hostage rescue mission, he did not lose consciousness upon his recovery but he knew his injuries were extensive.

He was eventually placed in a coma for 15 days and when he awoke he found out that he had lost both his legs and one of his kidneys and he had to begin his recovery journey

Thankfully through the rehabilitation centre he found adaptive sport and Francisco knew that through sport he could improve not only his physical health but mental health and help him find his identity outside the military.

Colombia joining the Invictus Community of Nations has come at an "opportune" moment in Francisco's rehab process as it has given him another goal to work towards and helped him discover a new passion, helping others on their recovery journey.

Francisco has now taken part in an Invictus Endeavour at the AFPST International Competition, multiple Invictus Opportunities and will compete at the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023.

He is encouraging all WIS on their recovery journey to reach out and sign up to the We Are Invictus platform as he wants to help improve the lives of all his fellow Colombians.


The Invictus Games will challenge me to prove to myself that I have abilities within me that I can carry over into everyday life, and it will give me the opportunity to show the world my athletic skills."

Team Selection

Selected to compete at the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023

Winter Sports Dreams

Aims to compete at the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025


Served in the National Army of Colombia


Completed the Gran Fondo Matamoros cycling event

Invictus Endeavours

Member of the Invictus team at the AFPST International Competition

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Pushing the boundaries

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Sport is the best thing I can do for my rehabilitation.

Edward Zamudio Bautista Colombian WIS