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The Belgium Armed Forces have approximately 24,000 active personnel across five service branches. Together with allied and partner forces, Belgian troops have been a part of numerous UN, NATO, and EU military missions and became the nineteenth nation to join the Invictus Games in 2019.

You feel so welcome, you're among friends, you're among family.

Stefan 'Wolf' Wolput The Hague 2020 Competitor

Team BEL

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I have been in a deep rut, until I realized that a person can do much more than he perceives. Although we know that it is not about winning medals at the Invictus Games. You just want to do and show your best

Stefan 'Wolf' Wolput

The Hague 2020 Competitor


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Stefan 'Wolf' Wolput

Stefan 'Wolf' Wolput was always a very active individual, he was an avid cycler and mountaineer and served in the Belgian Air Force for over 30 years.

That changed in 2012 when he began to suffer from 'neurological deficits' with an unclear cause, this results in an abnormal function of a body area due to injury to either the brain, spinal cord, muscles, or nerves.

Initially it affected his right toes, but later his lower leg followed and now he suffers from complete paralysis from below the knee. Wolf found himself in a really dark place in 2014 and credits the love of his wife and the inspiration he received from watching the Invictus Games on the BBC in 2014 as key motivators that helped him on his recovery journey.

He wanted to be just like the competitors he saw on television and he got the chance to make that dream a reality at The Hague 2020 when Belgium joined the Invictus community in 2019 and they competed at their first Invictus Games in the Hague.

Wolf would go on to compete in multiple sports and win the Land Rover Above and Beyond Award.


I was watching the Invictus Games and I said to my wife, Katrien, if those guys can do that, then I can do it too and that was the first step to recovery."

Competed in

Invictus Games The Hague 2020

Participated in

Athletics, Rowing, and Cycling

33 years

Service in the Belgian Air Force

Recipient of

Land Rover Above and Beyond Award


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It’s a step in the journey to recovery for the competitors taking part for Team Belgium and we’re so excited to be attending the Invictus Games

Bernard Bolly Team Manager - Belgium